Finish Wood Working


Shawn Fleming Construction Company
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We pride ourselves on our ability to finish what we started at a level of professional production work unparalleled by most in our trade. We not only provide traditional finish work which cover the common tasks of finishing the home or business off inside and out after the foundations have been laid and the framing completed.

We go well beyond in our ability to provide you with custom wood work throughout your home and business. Closets, custom furniture, kitchen cabinets, matching wood furniture pieces, integrated wood working, entryways, doorway effects, stairways, decks, you name it, if it can be built from wood we can build it to and beyond your expectations.

It is this ability that sets us aside from our competition and for many of our clients has been clearly why they have chosen us to build their home or business. They wanted something that was “A Cut Above The Rest”, Shawn Fleming Construction is just that!

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